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FRCC supporting the community!

How we do it

Here at FRCC, we’re proud of our commitment to support the community. We don’t just say “a portion from every sale goes to support first responders,” we’ll tell you exactly how we do it! Over 15% of our profits from every product purchased in our store goes to charity. That’s every bag of coffee, shirt, hat, coffee mug, etc.That’s a minimum commitment, our goal is to give as much as possible! This is what FRCC was founded to do, serve those who serve us. 

Below you will see our current project/projects. You can always reach out to us to nominate first responders in need.

Current Project: The Aultman Family

It is our goal to present this family with the largest check possible before Christmas! We will have a booth at SWAT roundup in Central Florida with all proceeds from our sales at this event going towards this goal.

Deputy Shawn Aultman is not just committed to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. He is also a devoted father of 9, husband, and son. Due to the damages of Hurricane Ian, Shawn, along with many other residents of our county, has unfortunately lost everything due to the flooding from the storm. 

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022, Shawn and many other members of the Sheriff’s Office were activated to work continuing 12-hour shifts, providing aid to the citizens of Osceola County. After the workday, Shawn hurried home to take care of his family and three dogs, knowing he would have to return to work to help others. Unfortunately, the unimaginable happened. As the night continued, the water levels began to rise and  began pouring into Shawn's home. 

We aren’t sure how long Shawn will be without his home due to the insurance denying his claim. Regardless, we all know this will end up costing his family a tremendous amount of money and the insurance money will not arrive any time soon, if at all.