Our Team

  • Brent Tucker

    Owner - Brent Tucker served both as a Green Beret and Delta Force operator during his career. A purple heart recipient with 13 combat deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and more. Brent Tucker started First Responder’s Coffee Company after training first responders and seeing first-hand the budgetary restraints and lack of resources. He also wanted the community to have an outlet to show their support for these brave men and women.

  • Breanna Smith

    Marketing Director - Breanna Smith is the Marketing Director at First Responder’s Coffee Company, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand and apparel management, and strategic digital partnerships. Breanna graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in the top 1.5% of business students from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior to joining First Responder’s Coffee Company, she has spent her entire career working in marketing and digital strategy for varied companies and industries; including world class hospitality, medical, and insurance fields, creating an extensive, well-rounded portfolio accompanied by a multitude of awards celebrating outstanding achievement. 

  • Drew Tucker

    Director of Sales - Drew Tucker served in Youth Ministry for over 20 years. Serving God and community by investing in young people has been his passion. After his time as an Associate Pastor in Texas for 11 years, his family of six has come back home to Central Florida to support First Responders through coffee.  His new mission at First Responder's Coffee Company rings close to home now that his oldest son recently graduated from Fire Academy.

  • Shayna Wacker

    Brand Ambassador - With a degree in business from Florida Gulf Coast University, Shayna has worked her way up the ladder since the age of 16. Her love for sales and working face to face with clients has sent her on an amazing journey thus far. For over 13 years Shayna has focused on working in the high end retail industry. From being the sales manager, brand ambassador, personal shopping for celebrities and former first ladies, and traveling to major cities creating pop up stores for brands, Shayna has worn many hats in the industry. Now as the wife of a deputy for 8 years, Shayna is taking her sales knowledge and personal awareness of life behind the badge to represent First Responder's Coffee Company. Her personal experience with being a first responder wife is motivation for her to spread awareness to others how important it is to help those who give so much and ask for so little. She is honored to represent this brand and knows it is going to become a household name very soon!

  • Nick Wacker

    Account Executive - Nick Wacker has 10 plus years as a deputy sheriff. Prior to his law enforcement career, he was a college athlete and graduated with his Masters Degree in Business Administration. Nick has 7 years of SWAT experience and is still active today. Nick has served as a police sniper and has responded to several high risk calls and has dealt with domestic terrorism firsthand. Nick is aware of the challenges facing first responders and when he was offered a chance to make a difference at First Responder’s Coffee Company he stepped up. Together with the team at FRCC Nick plans to make a difference in the lives of first responder’s and those they serve.

FRCC First Responder Vendors

  • 321 Apparel

    321 Apparel is proud to be a USA based company,
    owned and operated by military veteran and law enforcement. We provide high-quality products to competitive fitness athletes at every level. Since its establishment in 2011, 321 Apparel has offered the most durable, fashionable and comfortable workout gear for even the most intense WODs. We work closely with a number of United States based manufacturers so we are able to provide our products to our customers while maintaining, and supporting, the economy of this great country.